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LP Cameo "Celebrity" Choice List

  • Justine Aten, Math

  • Ditra Backup, Individuals and Societies

  • Michael Clark, Security

  • Tim Cooper, Ian Martin & Philip Kendall, Choir Directors (group Cameo)

  • Danielle Crown, IB Lit, EE Coordinator

  • William Ferguson, Social Worker

  • Jacob Fjare, Kelly Gossler &  Martin Nocedal, Music teachers, band directors  (group Cameo)

  • Ross Frellick, Arts, Drama

  • Andronike Giannopoulos, Media Specialist / Librarian

  • Dawn Gluntz, Diverse Learning, English, foreign travel

  • Julie Magar, Diverse Learning Department

  • Dr. Eric Steinmiller, Principal

  • Martha Stiller, Math

  • Adam Stuckey, Asst. Principal

  • Michael Vollinger, Pre-AP World Studies and Honors Civics, Football Coach

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