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We have had lots to celebrate so far this year! Some highlights include the Back to School Bash; Homecoming; the fall play Much Ado About Nothing; being ranked as the #1 Standout High School in Chicago according to; and the recent U.S. News & World report ranking Lincoln Park High School as the #1 nonselective CPS school; #11 in Chicago Public Schools; #33 in all Illinois High Schools (ahead of a number of suburban High Schools); and in the top 2.4% of U.S. High Schools. This is a great testament to our faculty, administration, and, of course, our students. We NEED YOUR help to keep this momentum going and ensure that LPHS continues to be a premier community high school offering a world class education.


All CPS schools, including LPHS, are significantly underfunded. And, LPHS is actually funded less per student than the average CPS school, because LPHS does not qualify for federal grants based on our student demographics. Almost 100% of the LPHS budget goes toward our amazing personnel, which means that we don’t have funds for other critical components of the high school experience, such as: 


  • SMART Boards in every classroom (we are very focused on this for this pledge drive - please watch the video at the end of this email if you have not already seen it!)

  • New Gym Equipment for the Weight Room

  • Senior graduation activities and buses for college visits 

  • Faculty professional development and faculty and staff appreciation events, which help promote teaching excellence in all classrooms and support our incredible faculty and staff

  • Student textbooks and novel collections 

  • Music Supplies

  • Science classroom supplies, such as brain and skeleton models, calculators, balances, and cameras


We thus are counting on YOUR support to fund these needs and maintain LPHS’ culture of excellence.

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