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We are thrilled to be launching the 2023 FALL PLEDGE DRIVE, which is Friends of Lincoln Park High School’s (“FOLPHS”) largest and PRIMARY fundraiser for this school year. FOLPHS has the important mission of funding critical academic needs and programs that impact all LPHS students that the CPS budget does not cover. We are asking that you help us close this very large gap by contributing to the Pledge Drive at a level that is meaningful to your family. If you are able, we are asking that every family contribute $500 per student at LPHS. If $500 is not within your budget, please consider making ANY donation that works for you – every single dollar truly counts, makes a difference, and is greatly appreciated!


Donating to the Pledge Drive is the best way to directly impact your student’s experience at LPHS, because without significant support from our community, LPHS would be a very different experience.


As many already know, CPS schools, including LPHS, are significantly underfunded. You may not know, however, that LPHS receives less funds per student than the average CPS school because we do not qualify for federal grants based on our student demographics. And, almost 100% of the LPHS budget goes toward our amazing personnel. This means that we do not have funds for other critical components of the high school experience, such as: 

  • Faculty professional development, including English as a Second Language, as well as faculty and staff appreciation events

  • Music and art supplies

  • New technology, such as adding SMART Boards to every LPHS classroom (we are so close to achieving this goal - we only need 22 more!) 

  • Employing a trainer to help student athletes, and purchasing an ice machine

  • Student textbooks and novel collections 

  • Senior graduation activities and college counseling programs 

  • Beautifying the school by painting the cafeterias; updating the bathrooms; replacing the fencing around the school; and purchasing new shelving for the library

This is where all of us come in, as FOLPHS uses the money we raise to fund these needs and more. We thus are counting on YOUR support to maintain LPHS’ culture of excellence. There are so many reasons to give to the Pledge Drive, from wanting to invest in your students’ school and education, to simply wanting to make a charitable, tax-deductible donation. Whatever your reason, please join us in investing in our children, our school, and our wonderful community of Lincoln Park High School families.


]We have two primary goals. First: Raise $60,000 by November 21, 2023. Second, and equally important, to significantly increase the number of families that participate in the Pledge Drive. The second goal is so important because every single dollar counts, and because the more people who participate shows LPHS’ faculty, staff, and administration that we appreciate and recognize their unwavering commitment to exceptional performance. 

Please keep in mind that many LPHS families are low-income and unable to donate. If you can possibly give more than the requested $500, we ask you please consider making LPHS a high priority and give at a higher level to support another family. Your donation to the FOLPHS Pledge Drive is 100% tax-deductible and is so much more than just a donation to your students’ school – it is a charitable donation that benefits the entire community.


Your donation to the FOLPHS Pledge Drive can be made in these easy ways: 

1) Online: Click here to donate via credit card or electronic check. Please note the option to give on a recurring monthly basis ($10, $25, $50, $100 or more a month for example) over the remaining months of the school year (through June 30).

2) Check: Mail or drop off checks to Friends of Lincoln Park High School, 2001 N. Orchard Street Chicago, IL 60614. Checks MUST be made out to “Friends of Lincoln Park High School.”

3) Zelle: You can Zelle us at or by logging into your Zelle account and scanning the QR code below. Please write "Pledge Drive" and include your email in the memo. Lower transaction fees means that your gift will go even further. 

FOLPHS QR code for zelle payment.jpg

Please ALSO remember to ask your employer if matching funds are available, as this is a very powerful way to boost your donation. And consider sending the donation link to your family and friends for their support.

Thank you for considering supporting LPHS via FOLPHS – your support truly matters and WILL make a difference.



Sabrina Spitznagle, Lindsey Spivey, and Tracey Lazos

Fall 2023 Pledge Drive Chairs

For more information, please contact

Friends of Lincoln Park High School
THANKS YOU for your support.
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