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Thank you so much to everyone who has already purchased books for the library! Thanks to your generous support, our library now has 175 new books! Our students' thirst for knowledge and love of reading is ongoing and we need more! Based on student requests, our fabulous librarian, Ms. Giannopoulos, created a wish list of books that are missing from the LPHS Library. 


Please check out the LPHS LIBRARY BOOK WISHLIST here and help fulfill these requests. Purchase one book, two books, or as many books as you are able.


Our school library space is a critical part of providing our students access to as many learnable resources as possible and serves as a safe space for our students to study, do research, print items, check out books, and relax. The LPHS library, however, does not receive any CPS funds to purchase new books, hire additional staff, or update the space. This is where we as a community come in, and we can help immediately by purchasing new books for the library.

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